Each of these was said to a different student.

“We don’t touch people unless they want to be touched.”

“We don’t take photos of people without their permission.”

“How far did you get on the assignment?”

“There are bigger differences between individuals than between the genders. Are you like all other boys?”

“Let me get everyone’s attention up here. Eyes and ears up here. Close your laptops, put your phones way, headphones out. Eyes and ears up here.”

“What would life be like if we were all the same?”

“I am so glad to see you! Glad you came back.”

“It’s okay to be huge.”

“Objective means that you’re just giving facts and not opinions.”

“Do you know who sent the nude pictures?”

“Did you pick out an independent reading book yet?”

“Will this bandaid work?”

“Just be chill when you go in (to see the principal). Even if she gives you in-school suspension, it’s not the worst thing.”

“You really need to be here for class or you won’t graduate in May.”

“How do you feel about English class…. What can I do to help you?”

“Are you sick?”

“What do you plan on doing after graduation?”

         ….It’s an exhausting, amazing job that pays very little, but I will miss it.