It is so refreshing to read positive stories about teenagers! Each generation tends to grumble about the “new generation.” And I cringe every time some around me says something to the effect of “kids these days…” (Especially when it comes from someone my age – as if we’re so much older). As a teacher at a large public high school, teenagers amaze me on a daily basis. Yes, every generation is different from the last – but these differences are a launching pad for greatness.

The Human Rights Warrior

Photo credit to my son Sevrin Photo taken by (and used with permission from) my son Sevrin at his high school sailing team practice.

As I write this, there are seven teens asleep in my basement.  My son and his friends came back from their high school dance in high spirits last night. Laughing and joking loudly, they boisterously descended on my kitchen, devouring everything within reach (even some chips that I thought I had hidden pretty well).  These guys were the human equivalent of an invading colony of army ants, foraging insatiably through my refrigerator.

Now these boy-men are dead to the world, asleep in a puppy pile on my basement floor.  And I have to be honest – I am loving every single thing about these teens.   In fifteen plus years of parenthood, I have grown accustomed to – perhaps, in some ways, inured to – the many and diverse aspects of wonder in…

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