I am super stoked to try out my new Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Mobile keyboard! I was the incredibly lucky winner of the Ergo Challenge Giveaway – thank you to Fit Is a Feminist Issue, one of my favorite blogs.

Like many people, I spend a good chunk of my work day at a computer. I’m a high school Special Ed teacher which requires quite a bit of paperwork and small group teaching (I find it easier to connect with the kids when seated next to them rather than towering over them). And then in my free time, I’m a writer and blogger on top of that!

Two years ago, I was in a car accident, which rocketed me into hunting for the perfect workspace set-up to settle the chronic pain. I purchased the best of the best ergonomic chair, though I still opt for a standing desk for part of the day. While seated, I prop my laptop up to eye level which helps me keep a healthy posture. Of course, after propping up my work-issued laptop on a monitor stand on my desk, I had to get a wireless keyboard. I looked online and after seeing the prices, decided that my workplace would need to pay for it. I talked to our office manager, and she talked to people who could approve such a purchase. I was given the go ahead to pick out the keyboard I wanted. I filled out my order form and gave it to the office manager. And then – we found out that our tech office actually had one (and more than one) just sitting in a box waiting for someone to come ask.

Why do employers not just give these things to employees instead of waiting for problems to arise? By now, we all know how important posture is to overall health. We shouldn’t wait for pain to tell us when to change our habits. 

And of course, in my circumstance, this also comes back to people in one department of an organization having no idea what’s going on (or what’s available) through another department – a whole other issue and blog post. Anyhow, after wasting much time and effort on getting a mobile keyboard for my new computer set-up, I finally had one! And it definitely helped my posture – but I really didn’t know what I was missing until I saw this Goldtouch Go!2 Bluetooth Mobile keyboard.

The first awesome thing to note is that this keyboard folds in half for easy travel.

This is perfect since I plan to use the keyboard at work and at home. I don’t have to buy a silly case or worry about the keys getting banged up. This is a sturdy keyboard that protects itself by folding in half. Amazing.


I have a Mac, but the keyboard is compatible with PC as well. It comes with directions as to how to ensure the right ergonomic set up for your personal use but you could also just play around with it and see what feels right for you. My brother-in-law is in town for the weekend and already wants one for himself.

I’ve only just started using this keyboard – I used it to type this post – but I think I’m going to love it. I’m under no obligation to help “sell” this product, so I am free to be honest about it. I’ll keep you all posted!

Note: The way I have it set up in the above picture is not actually the way that I plan on using it. If you’re wondering where to start with an ergonomic work-place set up, go here.