Sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes your CSA box gives you oranges. Oranges are not lemons. They are delicious even without beer (unlike lemons). However, Craig and I are lazy when it comes to eating oranges. By the time we finally get around to peeling them, they are usually pretty dry and chewy. So this week, I juiced our oranges while they were still in their prime. Happy Easter to us! Gin and Juice deliciousness.

Easy Peasy Gin and Juice

  • Juice your oranges – we don’t have a juicer, so I just cut the oranges in half and squeezed the juice through a strainer to catch the seeds and pulp. I juiced 5 small oranges and got a little over 1 cup of juice = 2 drinks worth.
  • Stir one shot of gin with about 1/2 cup of juice
  • Pour over ice if desired

Find your local farmer so you can make your own delicious drink!