Seriously, can we put people to work with decent jobs and fix up our infrastructure problems at the same time? #twobirds anyone?



16 May 2015

Tuesday’s derailment of an Amtrak train on America’s busiest rail route has exposed before the whole world the crumbling state of infrastructure in the United States.

Eight people were killed, over two hundred injured and rail traffic snarled for a week for the simple reason that the publicly funded Amtrak commuter railway had not implemented a basic automated train control system.

While the precise circumstances that led up to the catastrophe are still being investigated, it is clear that the train accelerated to twice the speed limit around a sharp turn on an dangerous and antiquated portion of the track. Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board are considering the possibility that before this happened, the cabin may have been struck by a rock or a bullet, based on a radio discussion overheard by the assistant conductor. The windshield of a nearby regional train had also been hit by a…

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