After 3 months of on-again, off-again sickness, I’ve finally started getting outside again! In the past week, we ventured to Madera canyon and Chiricahua National Monument mostly because we wanted to share these enchanting places with family members who were in town over the extended weekend (Tucson teachers and students were on rodeo break). While we’ve been to both spots before, there are always new adventures to be had.

First up: Madera Canyon. Check back next week (hopefully!) to read about our Chiricahua National Monument trip. The road is under construction, so if you’re planning a trip soon, definitely check their website for updates on availability.

Madera Canyon was a particularly successful trip this time around, especially compared to the disaster of a trip we had last time! At less than hour, it’s an easy day-trip for some beautiful scenery and hiking.

I was really hoping to get in a good, long hike. Unfortunately, my dog had other plans. After coaxing and pulling her up a half mile incline on the rocky terrain of the Bog Springs trail, I finally acquiesced and turned around. We ended up traipsing along the Nature Trail that follows Madera Creek (check out the trail map here). While not as challenging as I had planned on, the hike was beautiful and relaxing. And we ran into some wild turkeys!

If you read my post from the last time we visited Madera Canyon, you know that we didn’t make it to the waterfall. But you know we wouldn’t miss it this time! This is one of the easiest waterfall hikes you will ever do (not counting the falls in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon where you can just get out of your car and you’re there).

To find the waterfall, stop at the first parking lot after entering the park. Walk 200 feet down the Proctor Trail until you see the stream of water. Then walk downstream until you see the falls (P.S. it’s not far). It is easier to get to the bottom of the waterfall if you cross the stream first and walk down on the other side.

What’s the easiest waterfall hike you’ve done?