In light of this week’s horrendous attack in Orlando, I’ve decided to only recommend one new podcast for you instead of doing a full podcast roundup. I honestly didn’t want to post anything, but knew I should at least say something. There are many things to say, of course. We could talk about the horror of the young people in the club, their devastated families, and the residual trauma that so many will have to confront in the coming weeks, months, years. We could talk about the LGBTQ community and how we still have many mountains to climb to find equality. We could talk (argue) about guns as many people are. We could talk about terrorism and who should or should not be allowed in our country or be allowed to have a gun etc. There is a place for all of these conversations. Still, though, I am too emotionally drained (from this and just my stressball of a life in general) to write a well-thought out essay on any of these topics, so I’m just going to be the middle person on this and direct you to someone else. Sometimes, another white, heterosexual voice is not the voice that is needed anyhow.

So, the podcast that you must listen to starting this week is:

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

There is bound to be backlash against the Muslim community in the coming days. The ladies on this podcast will help you remember that Muslims are not an indistinct blob, they are individuals with differing opinions, beliefs, traditions, and personalities, just like everyone fucking else. 

I promise you will learn more listening to these insightful women than you would from anything I could possibly write or from any random high school friend you have ranting on social media right now. 

The first time I listened to this podcast was about 6 months ago, and while I enjoyed it, I forgot about it until we went on our recent extended camping expedition that required many, many hours of driving. I stumbled back across it and listened to the 2 episodes I had downloaded. Don’t be afraid to go back and listen to old episodes. In particular, I recommend Wudu on, Wax Off. There will be laughter, there will be learning, and there will be compassion. Be a part of the solution.