To celebrate our last 2 weeks in Tucson before the big move and the cross-country, National Parks tour, we decided to practice our camping and road-tripping skills with a trip to San Diego. Our favorite city on the west coast. How could we move to the east coast without one last trip? I want to feel the sand and jump in the water and let the ocean convince me that my fears and anxieties are inconsequential to the immensity of the ocean and the world. 

Remind me what beauty is. 

Remind me what fun is.

Remind me what life is.

And most of all, give me an escape from this 110 degree desert heat! 

So we packed up our camping supplies, loaded up the car, and left Tucson only 20 minutes behind schedule. Past the solar panel fields, past the black and white speckled feeding lots, past the Center of the Universe (seriously, you need to click on the link and read about this place – so quirky!), past the windmills and the boulders that top the mountains. 

We’re doing San Diego on a budget! Check back in the next couple of days to read about our cheap camping spot, favorite beach finds, and random inspirations. 

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