If we weren’t moving to NYC and if we weren’t going on a month-long road trip across the country, I would be returning to work as a teacher today. I have mixed feelings. I picture my desk, in MY classroom, with a new teacher sitting there trying to figure out the best way to teach a bunch of teenagers how to be full-functioning adults who don’t quit after the first or fifth try at something, who don’t throw chairs when they’re upset, who ask questions when they’re confused. Goals. But I will miss teaching those angsty teenagers. They have so much emotion – about EVERYTHING. Such strong opinions – about EVERYTHING. Life flattens us sometimes as we age. Which is why we have to embrace it when life beckons us to move on.

I have no doubt that I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing right now. In 7th grade, when we had to come up with an experiment for the science fair, I decided to run a research study in various classrooms to prove my hypothesis that teachers call on boys to answer questions more often than they call on girls. I was incredibly proud of my first experiment (and my hypothesis was right, by the way). I don’t think anyone ever told me that I could actually do experiments just like that one as a JOB; in fact, my 7th grade science teacher told me that my experiment wasn’t “real science.” Maybe we should start respecting “social” sciences as still being REAL FUCKING SCIENCE. I think people are starting to make the connection though; afterall, I am entering a master’s program in Neuroscience and Education.

I am so ready for this.

With all the teachers going back to work today, it has become real. I am not going back. I am going on an adventure. First, through nature, and then throughout New York City. And I cannot fucking wait.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our “Camping Across the Country to NYC” campaign. You give me confidence and peace of mind that this is going to work!

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