We’re all looking at these mountains like they’re an abstract painting we’re trying to comprehend. Am I just one dot in this pointillistic picture or am I everything just as the peaks are everything and we are all everything? Did we make it too easy to bask in wonder at this view or is this accessibility exactly what we all need?

Grand Teton National Park is everything. And we only just got here. On our 6 hour drive here yesterday, we were a little worried that seeing so many of the amazing parks in a 30-day span would make us numb to the beauty. Like once you’ve seen one mountain, one glacier, one wild animal, you’ve seen them all. The Grand Tetons assured us we will be just fine. They are truly majestic.

It’s also kind of nice to be able to sit in a lodge lobby near our campsite, sipping a latte and blogging on free wi-fi while admiring the Tetons through a wall of windows. Yes, we plan on getting out there and hiking and being IN nature, but today, I’m happy to chill. To take a moment to be alone and reflect on this past week. 

I can’t believe we almost didn’t take this trip… In a parallel universe, this amazing experience doesn’t exist. We nearly moved in with my parents for 6 weeks before moving to NYC. We also considered (and almost went through with) getting an Airbnb in Jersey to try to find jobs before my graduate program starts. But when else will we have this amount of time without jobs and responsibilities? I am beyond happy with our decision to make this trip happen. 

 ***This post was written a few days ago when we first arrived in Grand Teton. We only have 2 more days here and in Yellowstone before moving on to Glacier NP. More posts to come!