I know I haven’t been a very active blogger lately. Between 2 different flu strains hitting me this month while finishing up the semester of teaching and applying for graduate school and visiting family in North Carolina…. I’ve been a little busy! But this post I wrote last year still holds true and has some great ideas if you’re still looking for a New Years Resolution. As for me, this year, I resolve to get back to my blog and get published – somewhere or anywhere.

Trynia Kaufman

If your resolution is to “lose weight” or “get healthy,” let me break the suspense for you – you will fail. Setting our intentions is half the battle of achieving our intentions (obviously, I know). But hold up, before you go wasting your time with blasé intentions, take time to really think about what you want and how you want to live your life. And then focus your intentions in the most positive and specific manner.

Resolutions, or any sort of goals, need to be positive, specific, and attainable! Your goal shouldn’t include “won’t” or “stop” or “not.” Life is all about habits – if you want to get rid of a bad habit, you need a replacement habit. Furthermore, your new habit needs to be specific or it won’t stick. And last of all, make it doable, or you will give up (again) and fall back into your pattern…

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