Ever listened to an entire episode of one of your regular podcasts and then wondered why you wasted your time on such a boring or weird episode? Let me save you the time and regret!

This is the first – of hopefully many – podcast roundups. If you haven’t hopped on the podcast bandwagon, you really, really should give it a whirl. Podcasts are excellent for learning and being entertained while commuting, roadtripping, cleaning, and cooking dinner!

So far, the rating system includes: “Can’t Turn it Off!” and “Snooze Fest.” Let me know if you have ideas to improve the podcast roundup or if you have certain podcasts you would like to see included.

Rating: Can’t Turn it Off! 


Act I was about the great Trump divide in the Republican party. Even Republicans, themselves, can’t believe this is real!

But Act II was an incredibly personal story about female genital mutilation. I downright bawled throughout the whole thing, but don’t let that keep you away. I know, from the description, you don’t want to listen to it – but you should tell yourself to shut the fuck up, and listen regardless. It will make you question, reflect, and feel all the feels.

Act III was interesting, but I think I was so emotionally drained from Act II and still contemplating the different lives we all lead… You should plan to take a break for contemplation before listening to the third story. Or just skip it; whatever.

Rating: Can’t Turn it Off! 

You don’t need to know who Padma Lakshmi is to love this episode. In the interview, she talks about the writing experience (which I loved since I’m a writer), food (she’s the host and a judge on Top Chef), culture (she was born in India), and health (specifically chronic pain and endometriosis). Another Round rarely disappoints, and I always come away more knowledgeable and inspired. And this one is definitely worth your time.

Rating: Snooze Fest

Maybe it’s because I was listening to this on a Saturday night… after a few glasses of wine…. by myself. Or maybe it’s because it was about the bubbles that shrimp make in the ocean (at least I think that’s what it was about). But I found my brain frequently drifting away from this podcast. I only became slightly interested at the end when they finally got to the point. *SPOILER* Apparently, the shrimp bubbles helped scientists discover how to break through the blood-brain barrier in order to fight cancerous tumors. Pretty badass, but I think they should have led with that information.


So that’s the podcast roundup…

What podcasts did you listen to? Want to recommend any for myself or other readers? Or warn us to steer clear of any?