Between Yellowstone and Glacier NP, we took a very much needed respite in Missoula, Montana. After a full week of camping, it was absolutely phenomenal to jump into a cozy bed and veg out on TV. We definitely didn’t explore the town as much as we would have had we just been on a regular vacation. We even had friends make recommendations of places we should go check out, but we didn’t go anywhere. I really didn’t expect the road trip to be so tiring. But we were absolutely exhausted and halfway dreading the second 2 weeks of the road trip. It’s funny how even “living the dream” can so quickly become just regular old exhausting life.

The 2 days we spent in Missoula saved us, though. We rested up. We drank craft beer and talked to the über-friendly locals (pro tip: Montana is, by far, the friendliest state in the west). It’s a beautiful town with a outdoorsy-hipster vibe. Clark Fork River runs straight through the city, and we spent several hours walking up and down the riverwalk with our dog, Domino. It’s gorgeous.



However, Missoula apparently is not the place for burritos. This tiny (and not that tasty) burrito cost me $6. And C and I – accustomed to the large Mexican burritos of Tucson – planned on sharing.☹️ When I complained on social media about it, my used-to-live-in-Missoula friend assured me that this is not typical. So maybe don’t give up on burritos altogether… just be wary.

Domino also enjoyed our hotel stay. We washed her bed, and she couldn’t even wait for us to re-stuff it before curling up in it. She was even more tired than we were. I’ll leave you with a video of fun hotel shenanigans.