Some people have very specific ideas and plans for where they want to be in five years, ten years, fifty years. But I think most of us flounder our way through life, going this way, then that way. Unsure of where we will land.

What if we put more conscious effort into deciding what exactly it is that we want? What do we desire? Where do we want to be? And how the hell are we going to get there?

The other day I listened to a podcast about a woman who wanted to be in the CIA. Since the time she was little, she had a very specific list of goals that she needed to accomplish – things like scuba diving training, wilderness first aid training, and stunt driving. She had her master’s degree before she was 20. Now that is motivation.

I think a lot of us lack such motivation because we don’t have clear-cut goals. As we jump from spring into summer, into vacations, and lazy days by the pool – we should all spend a little time daydreaming about what our goals are. And then actually writing them down and making a plan for how to get there. Memorial Day reminds us of all the people who fought for our country but did not get to come home to reap the benefit of the fight. You reap the benefit. So your job is to make the sacrifice worthwhile.